MOMO Pitstop handbrake – CR-Z

momo pitstop handbrake

First of all, even though lots of sites have the MOMO Pitstop handbrake listed, I talked to MOMO USA and it’s officially discontinued. I would not buy one as most places just figure it’s in stock and seem to get confused about what to do about the adapters and various other issues.

Second, it doesn’t quite fit on the Honda CR-Z handbrake due to the curve under the brake handle (to be fair it’s not listed on the product list as being available for the Honda CR-Z either). This can be remedied by cutting a small square out of the Pitstop but I elected not to just yet. Also had to go to the hardware store to get some allen screws because mine did not come with one, but I blame the extremely crappy service from Vivid Racing for that.

Thought I’d snap some pix just to show how it looks without cutting the grip. Even with the grip cut the brake handle will not go flush and I need to find (or make) a rubber gasket to go around the brake button without it getting stuck.