HKS Supercharger pricing for CR-Z

hks supercharger crz

GTS4015 Complete Kit/Set-up Kit for CR-Z

CR-Z was released as the world’s first hybrid sports car. HKS developed the Supercharger Kit that can
function with the hybrid system. The centrifugal GT Supercharger was selected for the kit so the
torque can be stable at all range of the engine rpm, and the engine output can increase smoothly from
low to high engine rpm.


  • Newly designed GTS4015 Supercharger is included in the Complete Kit.
  • All necessary installation parts are included in the Complete Kit. Installation of the kit enables the engine output to increase to 200ps/170ps.
  • The Complete Kit is guaranteed for 1 year/20,000km.
  • The Set-up kit must be installed by a professional.
  • No modification to the engine is necessary if the engine output is increased up to 200ps. (However, it is recommended to use HKS engine upgrade parts for race use.)
  • The kits are not applicable on vehicles equipped with a manual transmission.


hks supercharger crz




143.4ps/6,100rpm 19.8kg-m/2,700rpm

Complete Kit Step1 – MT ONLY

175.1ps/5,500rpm 24.6kg-m/4,700rpm

Complete Kit Step2 – MT ONLY

202.4ps/5,700rpm 26.7kg-m/5,000rpm



Notes for Installation of Complete Kits

  • The factory ECU must have the standard data.
  • Replace the spark plugs with NGK#8 or equivalent. It’s recommended to use HKS Super Fire Racing M40i.
  • High octane gasoline must be used
  • Since the factory washer tank is removed to install the kit, DENSO
  • Washer Assy (160200-5070) may be required.
  • Average required installation time is 6 to 8 hours.



Full GTS4015 Information

MSRP Pricing:

Complete Kit – Step 1 (No. 12001-AH001 – MT ONLY)

¥399,000 ($4,969 USD)

Complete Kit – Step 2 (No. 12001-AH004 – MT ONLY)

¥441,000 ($5,492.25 USD)

Setup Kit (No. 12001-AH002)

¥252,000 ($3,138.36 USD)

HKS Japan GT pricing


GTS7040 Set-up Kit for CR-Z

HKS has already released the intake and exhaust tuning parts for CR-Z. To introduce higher performance tuning to more CR-Z owners, HKS will release GT Supercharger Set-up Kit with the GTS7040 Supercharger. Installation of this set-up kit enables users to target the 300PS engine output and the 250km/h maximum speed (upgrading the engine internals and clutch may be required.

  • Suction pipe & chamber pipe must be made separately.
  • Installation of the intercooler is recommended.
  • Re-tuning the fuel and ignition timing is required. (To use F-CON iS, OSC is required.)
  • Replace the injectors with larger capacity injectors if the target e/g output is more than 170ps.
  • Replace the fuel pump to use the injectors that capacity is more than 350cc. (CZ4A Factory fuel pump-150~200l/h)
  • Upgrading the engine internals if the target e/g output is more than 200ps, and the torque is more than 25kg・m.
  • Modify the pulley’s rib to 6 ribs if the target e/g output is more than 200ps.
  • High octane gasoline must be used.
  • Replace the spark plugs with the higher heat range plugs. (HKS SUPER FIRE RACING M40i or higher type)
  • Selectable pulley diameter from 80mm to 100mm. Flexible pipes layout.
  • The engine output can be increased over 300ps with upgrading the engine internals and pulley, adjusting the restrictor, etc.

Full GTS7040 Information