HKS Racing Suction Reloaded intake

hks suction reloaded intake


Installation was pretty simple. The majority of the installation can be done away from the vehicle and then just put in place. To be noted that pre-attaching the aluminum heat shield made the installation more difficult than it should be. It would be much easier to install the heat shield in place and then attache the intake kit to the support structure.

Disassembly of the stock intake was a matter of unscrewing a couple of bolts, and loosening some screws until the unit is loose enough to unhook from the throttle body. Pre-assembly of the HKS intake was helpful as I’m sure something would have dropped into the engine bay had it been done at installation. But then again I’ve got a lot of thumbs. J-Marche intake box still has not yet arrived, so the process will have to be reversed and the parts removed again once those pieces arrive as they enclose the HKS intake. Currently there seems to be quite a bit of room under the Cusco tower strut so hopefully clearance of the J-Marche box isn’t an issue.

Honda CR-Z HKS racing suction reloaded intake


Honda CR-Z HKS intake