Topfuel releases new product for CR-Z

Top Fuel Japan has release multiple new products for the Honda CR-Z.

Top Fuel Stainless Steel Exhaust

Pipe diameter and φ50. High pitch sound absorption, crisp sound reducing highs that tend to be inherent in harsh NA engines.

Competition product only, not intended to pass street inspection rules.

Topfuel Blue Damper Z-1

Repeated testing, on street and circuit kit has made for special harmonics for the custom car.

Front camber system not necessary. Maximum 3 degrees of camber.

In order to accomodate different builds, the standard specifications suit street driving (Sports General “SPEC-S”) as well as high specification ultra low circuit driving.

– Common base specification

– Up to 3 degrees of built in camber

– High performance single cylinder damper with rear springs wound length

– Front adjustable damping · 30 steps. Front inverted equation

6kg/mm ​​Spec-S is a front spring rate, 5kg/mm ​​the rear.
Spring rate can be changed in the range of + -2kg/mm ​​when ordering.

Custom Spec-R  built to order.

Pressure Adapter for CR-Z

The original CR-Z is a manifold pressure (pressure surge tank)

Makes it easy and safe installation, such as vacuum gauge and boost gauge.

The machined aluminum body is anodized.
You can optionally set the orientation of the nipple.
Available in red and blue colors.

Topfuel Power Chamber

Power chamber designed specifically for the Honda CR-Z.

Can be installed on CVT or 6MT

Available in Red or Blue colors.

Included heat shield to block hot air from radiator


Link: TopFuel Japan