NRG Innovations CR-Z Bonnet Damper

nrg innovations cr-z stainless steel bonnet damper

Working under the hood of most cars for minor items sometimes is hampered by the placement of the hood prop. Easiest way to rid oneself of this minor annoyance is to use a bonnet damper (or hood damper). There are generally two types of base dampers available for use depending on what type of bonnet (hood) one has on the vehicle. There is a full or standard pressure damper utilized for the heavier OEM hoods, and a aftermarket or carbon fiber based damper used to accomodate for the lighter weight of the bonnet and therefore reduced push load requirement on the damper.

NRG CR-Z bonnet dampers are available in stainless steel and carbon fiber wrap.

NOTE: Bonnet dampers are NOT compatible with some tower struts. In particular the mounting arms for the Cusco front tower strut will interfere with the lowering of the damper arm. This will prevent the bonnet from closing without damaging the damper arm, mounting bracket or even the bonnet itself. Always close the hood slowly and test clearances before attempting to close bonnet for the first time after installation.

NRG Innovations is still ramping up production of the Honda CR-Z bonnet damper but do plan to have the product available and posted on their website sometime soon.


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