Noblesse diffuser and dual port exhaust

noblesse diffuser and dual port exhaust

Finally the rain has stopped long enough to jack the car up and get the exhaust and diffuser from Noblesse mounted. Install instructions were in Japanese, and for the most part followed the flow correctly with the exception of the last hanger mount. The diffuser was pretty straightforward, but did not mention that it does not come with the red reflectors shown in the marketing photos.

I bought the reflectors from eBay – JDM 2011 Honda CR-Z rear reflectors, but they are still in transit. For now the existing honeycomb inserts have been transfered from the OEM diffuser to the new Noblesse diffuser and fit with no issues.

The hanger hole pictured below actually is quite different than the USDM setup and basically does not exist. Nor does the entire square bumper area.

Apparently the square JDM bump mount is replaced by a completely different USDM bumper mount with a Styrofoam pad attachment. There is a one inch hole close by that I used with a spare piece of the aluminum to wedge the hanger bolt into, but either a weld or drilling of a new hole probably would have been a more secure solution. In either case, it is best to center the exhaust before tightening up all the bolts as the initial mount was quite off center and needed to be adjusted into place to even remount the rear bumper.

Tests were fine, but did not get to take any reasonable drive in it after finishing, so won’t know until later if there was a power pickup. Sounds great, with a more even and deep sound as oppose to OEM, but since there is already an HKS intake it was already sounding different. There is the condition of the strange pop and drop sound above 4500 rpm, but I was in neutral and am thinking (will confirm on freeway) that it is the rpm limiter more so than the new exhaust.

Only other change was that the rear screens have been painted black chrome as oppose to the default aluminum to tone them down and make them a little easier to keep clean. Noblesse exhaust and diffuser are great quality and provide a much nicer look for the Honda CR-Z rear. Not quite sure why it doesn’t come from the factory this way.

Enjoy the pix

Thanx to Jason at Bulletproof Automotive for the stellar service

Bulletproof Automotive – Noblesse Center Exit Exhaust System

Bulletproof Automotive – Noblesse Rear Diffuser
NOTE:Diffuser does NOT include reflectors