J’s Racing CR-Z intake system

j racing crz

Scheduled for a November 20th release, J’s Racing Japan new intake product will further expand their already robust product line for the Honda CR-Z.

In a pure induction system, intake resistance so that a large emphasis on cost and maintenance, can be imported in order to get enough fresh air to power.

This CR-Z air intake system specially developed grille and bumper for lower intake air temperatures to capture more direct air from the ducts of the two places.

Reduction in the intake air temperature of the air cleaner body box, allows for greater power and torque.

Product enhances power by incorporating the entire air duct run.

Low torque and rotational effects in the chamber, increase power-ups effects of ram pressure at high rpm.

The use of the standard air cleaner setup and shape help to reduce engine damage by reducing dust intake and allows for use for all usage types from circuit to street use.

Fits both CVT and 6MT

Available in two styles:

Carbon Fiber Reinforce Plastic (CFRP) – Clear black gel coat, Plain Weave

Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

NOTE: OEM hood will need to be trimmed in order to use. Use with J’s Racing hood requires no trimming.


Link: J’s Racing Japan – Air Intake System