Insane value for CR-Z or plus 100 hp


Top Fuel Japan has released two new accessories for the Honda CR-Z. The two products are both engine covers available in various standard materials such as FRP and carbon fiber.

Considering they appear to be cosmetic modifications, either the vendors are mis-pricing or they are still recovering from holiday hangovers and don’t realize that charging $3,000 for an engine cover is insane. They might as well also put in the product description that it increases performance by 100 hp while they are at it. Hopefully a better explanation or retraction will show up soon, but for now it’s just very pricy bling.

Top Fuel itself lists the product as 15,750 yen so someone is converting wrong as 15,750 is about $205 USD not $2,500

Covers are dry carbon, super light weight baked in an autoclave.

Options include gold or silver lettering.

Link: Top Fuel Japan Website