Honda CR-Z T1R exhaust

As announced earlier, Type One Racing has released their full exhaust product (T1R S51 Exhaust). We currently have the Noblesse axelback exhaust already installed, so only the T1R Exhaust B-pipe and T1R Racing Converter are being installed.

Install was not overly complicated, thought for many parts of the racing converter install it is necessary to have ratchet extensions and patients. It is highly recommended that a lift is used as attempting to install on jack stands or ramps may not provide enough space to easily access some areas. All bolts and exhaust sections fit without an issue. Some maneuvering is required to free the one piece stock mid-pipe from the undercarriage. The T1R B-pipe comes in two sections and is a pretty straightforward install.

Power increase is roughly 3-5hp (sorry no dyno other than provided in product release (T1R S51 Exhaust). Noise level of exhaust is noticeably louder, especially at higher RPM. For those that are noise sensitive, this mod may require the addition of noise deadening insulation to reduce cabin drone.