Honda CR-Z rear wiper delete DIY

honda cr-z rear wiper delete


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The following DIY was performed on a 2011 Honda CR-Z EX. The rear wiper (and window) are difficult if not impossible to see out of, so the addition of the wiper to clean the window is not a feature. The location and presence of the rear wiper makes car washing more difficult and to some can be an eyesore with no actual function.



  1. (1) 1 1/4″ dielectric union washer
  2. (1) 2″ faucet hole cover (size will vary depending on what look is required) example: Home Depot – Westbrass 2 in. Sink Hole Cover in Black
  3. Primer and paint depending on if body color or window tint match is preferred. Most sink hole covers are white, but they come in various colors from Home Depot or other construction supply store.
  4. 5mm socket wrench
  5. 14/16 inch socket, or crescent wrench


Before picture with rear wiper attached


Remove wiper cover with small flat head screwdriver


Remove 5mm nut to remove wiper arm


Wiper arm should pull straight up for removal. Some agitation may be necessary to loosen from post.


Remove locking nut with socket or crescent wrench


Remove lower hatch panel by pulling straight out from hatch.


Remove upper interior hatch panel by pulling along the window (directly back)



Remove let side interior hatch panel by pulling towards center of hatch.


There are three bolts and the wiper arm electrical connector that need to be removed. The electrical connector is a PITA to remove as there is a tab at the top that locks it in place. The red dots indicate the location of the three bolts. The green dot indicates the electrical connector.


Once wiper arm motor is removed, the OEM gasket can be reused to seat the sink hole cover. The OEM gasket sits quite high on the window so it was replaced with a 1 1/4″ dielectric union washer that sits quite a bit lower in profile.


2″ sink hole cover at the local hardware store only came in white. The sink hole covers are available in black, but apparently Home Depot and the local hardware store only had white.

Painted the sink hole cover gloss black chrome (forgot to buy black gloss paint, so that’s all that was available in the garage).


Interior portion of the sink hole cover is a bracing plate so that the cover does not come loose or get removed from the outside. For extra water protection a second 1 1/4″ diaelectric union washer could be used on the inside.


After delete