Honda CR-Z Photoshoot Two

honda cr-z treasure island

It was a nice day for an excuse to drive out to Treasure Island in San Francisco. There don’t seem to be a whole lot of places along the island coastline to actually stop, but for what areas there are they are quite pretty and quite. Not sure that alot of tourists know how to get to treasure island, in any case it was quite empty for the most part. There seem to be quite a lot of SF police deptartment vehicles parked around the island, but I imagine that it’s more of a quiet place to take a break on patrol. This may be an ideal place to come for night time shoots with a view of the city lights. Afterwords it was a nice cruise along San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge, and up through Sausalito looping back through Richmond on the way home. Hopefully with some wandering around, some other destinations can be discovered for future shoots that allow vehicles and are not to crowded with tourists.