Honda CR-Z interior

cr-z interior

Finally was able to finish and reassemble the interior of the CR-Z. All of the legacy grey interior is now gone and replaced by black and red leather seats, black console, black pillars, and black headliner. The mod makes the cabin quite a bit darker so some augmentation of the lighting other than the previously installed LED replacement lighting will have to be done. Would have been nice if Honda had offered a black interior option but for whatever reason only the single grey interior is stock.

All of the paneling inside the CR-Z overlaps and locks together all the way to the rear of the vehicle. Various combinations of friction clips and door clips that run under the door and rear hatch molding hold the endpoints of the interior in place.

There seems to be little to no sound material present inside the paneling. New sound insulation may be in order if a stereo upgrade is one of the mods one wants to run. What little insulation is there doesn’t do a bad job

interior mods are as follows:

Black headliner, pillars, console

Momo automatic gear shifter

Red Honda steering wheel emblem

Black and red leather seats and side panels

LED front console lights, ultra white

LED door lights, ultra white

LED rear compartment lights, red

Broadway mirror