DIY: CR-Z T1R Blue external mirror install


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The following DIY was performed on a 2011 Honda CR-Z EX. The stock mirrors have a pretty narrow view which leaves large blind spots  on both driver and passenger sides. The Type One Racing blue exterior mirror replacement does not require any drilling or cutting, and fits directly on the OEM mounts

NOTE: There is NO built in circuits for defrost in the T1R mirror, so by replacing the OEM mirrors you will lose defrost and defog capabilities.


  1. Interior panel puller or cloth covered flathead screwdriver
  2. Latex or other gloves to prevent excessive dirtying of the mirrors during installation.


Insert panel puller at the bottom of the mirror and gently pry the bottom out to release the two snaps at the bottom of the OEM mirror:


There are two wires connected to the OEM mirror circuitry for the defrost feature.

These wires are not used for the T1R mirror and can be wrapped with electrical tape and tucked back into the mirror cavity.

Connect the T1R mirror by inserting the top hooks onto the OEM bracket and pivoting mirror downwards, pressing firmly to reconnect the bottom clips.

Be careful that the bottom clips actually snap back in place or the mirror will drop out.


Repeat with passenger side mirror:


Original OEM mirror views:

Driver’s Side OEM:

Passenger Side OEM:


Type One Racing Blue External Mirrors:

Driver’s Side T1R:

Passenger Side T1R: