Cusco releases CR-Z centerlock upper pillowball mounts

CUSCO new release for CR-Z, Centerlock Pillowball Upper Mounts.

  • An enhanced vehicle handling characteristics include a more direct and sharper steering feedback can be experienced. This new product is a necessity for high performance driving, dedicated for the race track.
  • For vehicles with high grip tires still equipped with the normal rubber factory upper mounts, usually have the tendency of camber fluctuations causing understeer. This is due to the rubber absorbing the lateral G and stretching out of their static specification.
  • By replacing the easily malleable factory rubber with CUSCO‘s pillowball unit, the user will experience an efficient suspension movement relative to direct road surface feedback and increased tire grip.

  • Centerlock pillowball upper mounts apply to all CUSCO suspension systems with no hassle. Also can be installed on other brands with the use of special nut & colar combination.
  • In normal cases, installing pillowball upper mounts on the Vitz and Swift result in raised vehicle ride height. Also the overall strut area design on many vehicles do not make it possible for the use of pillowball upper mounts. But now with CUSCO‘s new center lock design, pillowball mounts can now be adopted for higher level of suspension tuning while keeping the desired low vehicle stance.
  • 100% MADE IN JAPAN from high precision, durable, and long lasting NMB pillowball assemblies. Only the best and highest of quality components are utilized, especially for suspension.

* – Due to the elimination of rubber, pillowball upper mounts will increase road noise transferred to the interior cabin. Please acknowledge that performance upgrades usually means sacrificing factory comfort

MSRP (JPN) – 30,000 yen

*1 – Vehicle ride height will increase on CR-Z and Fit applications in reference to the factory mounts.

*2 – Designed to be used with CUSCO ZERO series suspension units only. (excluding ZERO 3x)

* – This product cannot be used with CUSCO damper adjustment dials


Link (JPN): CUSCO Japan