ARK Design ATCC for CR-Z

accelerate throttle curve controller

ARK Design’s Accelerator Throttle Curve Controller (ATCC) is an add-on electronics unit that modifies your vehicle’s drive-by-wire throttle signal output and allows you to modify acceleration response to your liking. The unit can be adjusted to increase or decrease accelerator “sensitivity” in up to 10 increments between “closed throttle” and “wide-open throttle.”

Exciting to see more and more accessories and aftermarket products embrace the new Honda CR-Z in the product lineups. Don’t have one to test, but would be interesting to see how much control over each of the CR-Z drive modes (econ,normal,sport) that the ATCC allows. If specific mode tuning is allowed, the fine tuning of mpg vs power with other engine flow aftermarkets such as intakes and exhaust would be exciting.

Product: ARK Design – Accelerate Throttle Curve Control (ATCC)

ARK Design Co. Ltd, of Tokyo Japan was founded with one vision in mind: Create every product with Uniqueness, and emphasize Design and Innovation. To accomplish this goal ARK Design recruited high-level engineers with over fifteen years of experience developing products for some of Japan’s other premiere tuning manufacturers.

Through continuous research and development, ARK Design has engineered electronics like the Multi Function Dash (MFD), Advanced Boost Controller (ABC) and Rev Shift Timer. These high-performance electronics have developed a cult following in Japan, and have been praised for their functionality and intuitive controls. At the 2008 Tokyo Auto Salon we introduced our “Total Vehicle” concept to compliment our electronics line with everything from exhaust systems, aero kits, suspension, brakes and wheels. But ARK Design will not stop there; you can expect to see more innovative products and new applications coming from us in the near future.

To better service our ever-growing customer base, ARK Design, Inc. was established in the United States. With our new North American headquarters we can now offer the same products and customer service ARK Design is known for in Japan.

ARK Design, Inc., based in Southern California, USA, is a wholly owned subsidiary of ARK Design Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan.